ROBERT SPIOTTA Decorative Arts, Ltd. creates classic interiors for the twenty-first century. Working comfortably in almost any style - traditional, historic, contemporary, or eclectic-- Robert Spiotta approaches each new project with a sure hand for composition, a keen eye for style, and a warm heart for clients. Each of his interiors looks very different because of his sincere desire to express the unique personality of every client in their personal spaces. Spiotta works closely with a small number of clients who value his listening skills, his humor and fun approachable personality, his personal commitment, his erudition and wide knowledge of design, his (usually!) calm demeanor, and his ability to work effectively and happily with many different types of clients, vendors, professionals and contractors.

Spiotta hopes clients come to adopt his core philosophy of "connoisseurship over consumption." A great interior is defined by what it contains as well as by what it does not contain - and it's okay to leave an area blank. Pauline de Rothschild once said "the greatest luxury is the luxury of [open] space." And luxurious style need not be unbelievably expensive, only well-chosen and well-edited. A great room can be created from three objects if those three objects are the right ones.

One of his favorite types of projects is down-sizing, because it allows clients to pare down and focus on only their most meaningful and expressive possessions. As an expert on design as well as art and antiques, Spiotta especially enjoys pulling special and unusual objects together to create very personal and comfortable rooms that make an unforgettable design statement. Current clients include young families, "empty-nesters," urban singles, careful and discriminating collectors, elderly clients, and those who defy categorization.