Art & Antiques

One of the important services provided by ROBERT SPIOTTA Decorative Arts, Ltd., is buying, selling, and researching works of art and antiques. Consultations range from single pieces to whole collections. Knowledgeable and active in many areas of the international art and antiques market, Spiotta handles objects which clients wish to purchase, sell, evaluate, or research. In this capacity, RSDA, Ltd. serves individuals, institutions, estates, as well as interior design clients who wish to invest in objects of lasting value and beauty. Clients often come to the studio (by appointment) for verbal appraisals or quick evaluations of objects about which they are unsure. At that time a decision or recommendation can be made about how best to market the object, or whether the object demands further research. Fees are based on a combination of hourly charges and a percentage commission on objects bought or sold.